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IT disater recovery seminar

Broward SCORE Workshops Wednesday September 4, 2013

Today all businesses are dependent on phones, computers and electronic systems to function properly. Too many of us take those systems for granted until something happens to disable them and our business stops in its tracks

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Broward business computer repair service

Full-service technology solutions for today's businesses. Offering business-critical services

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Broward SCORE Workshops Wednesday September 4, 2013

A leading network security consulting firm

utilizing a variety of tools and Best Practice methodologies that can protect your business internally and externally without hindering your business processes

Cloud Computing Solutions

Spider Networks can help improve IT efficiency, agility and reliability

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Providing industry leading IT consulting and local tech support

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Broward SCORE Workshops Wednesday November 13, 2013 from 5:30 PM to 8:30

Today all businesses have some dependency on phones, computers and electronic systems to function properly. Too many of us take those systems for granted until something happens to disable them and our business stops in its tracks.

Learn the basics of how to protect your business and how to keep operating when things start falling apart due to human error, equipment failure, acts of nature, etc.

This workshop covers the steps that you can take to organize how you operate so that you can quickly recover and keep your business going when the systems that you depend on fail you:

Prepare for:

  • Website goes offline
  • E-mail isn’t working
  • Phones shut down
  • Server goes down
  • Office or home is not accessible
  • Key files are not accessible – payroll, invoicing, etc.
  • Identity theft exposure – yours and your customers

Be proactive. There are solutions to all of the above to keep your business operating while others have to shut down. Reduce your risk with planning. Be able to work from anywhere in an effective manner. Protect against failure but be able to recover from failure.

Featured Speaker: Tony Browne is the President of Spider Networks, Inc. an IT firm that provides custom technology solutions for businesses of all sizes. Spider Networks helps financial institutions and other businesses address their unique technology needs. This includes providing cloud-based services, IT security, and telephony solutions, disaster recovery planning, as well as full management of client networks



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Small Business Recordkeeping and Accounting

Get organized. Minimize taxes and maximize profits.

In the day-to-day running of a business, keeping track of information – paper & electronics invoices, bills, bank statements, credit card statements, tax filings, payroll, etc. – can be difficult. If you do it well you will have visibility that helps you make better management decisions. Do it poorly and you and you can be operating partially in the dark.

This practical workshop shows you some of the key areas you need to have organized in your business and how to get set up.

•Basics of accounting record keeping (double entry bookkeeping)
•Accounting system options (Excel, QuickBooks)
•Separation of business and personal finances
•Bank and credit card account reconciliation
•Cash vs. accrual accounting methods (explanation of the differences and the possible tax effects)
•Budgeting and expense tracking
•Managing receivables and payables (aging, etc.)
•Financial statement analysis (includes graphs and common size models)
•Tax savings strategies
Attend the workshop and get usable guidance on setting up your business’ workflow and paper flow so that they support and enhance your business. Learn 5 Things You Can Do Tomorrow to get organized and gain control.

Featured Speaker: Shelly Laughlin, CPA, MBA works in the Litigation and Tax Departments at J.D. Gilbert & Company preparing reports and exhibits required for all phases of divorce cases including initial filing, mediation, hearings, depositions, and trials. She also provides tax preparation services for individuals, businesses, and trusts. Prior to working in public accounting, Shelly owned and operated a marine towing business and worked for over 10 years as the Marketing and Operations Manager of Creative Tile Marketing, a United States agency representing international hard surface flooring manufacturers. Ms. Laughlin is the past president of South Broward Wheelers Bicycle Club and has completed two Ironman triathlons.

Workshop fees: $30/person Advance Registration / $40/person at the doors
Please Note: PayPal or credit card accepted with advanced registration. Cash, credit cards or checks accepted at the door.

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