How to protect a machine from malicious attacks

How to protect a machine from malicious attacks

Unfortunately having antivirus on your machine will not always stop malicious software that disrupts your computer’s operations or gathers sensitive information about your online behavior.

The best thing you can do is use layered protection along with having a good corporate policy in place. Educate yourself and employees on the risks and what they can also do to help protect machines and company shared resources.


Do not depend on one piece of the puzzle to save your data or your machine
1.       Create a user that does not have administrator rights on the PC. This will block unwanted programs or executable files from being installed on the PC.
2.       If possible have Gateway antivirus and spyware protection on the firewall or router. Stop viruses at the gateway before they get to the PC.
3.       Have some sort of virus protection on the PC itself. Set it up to automatically scan your pc every day.
4.       Antivirus must be up to date.
5.       Use additional tools and run them regularly to scan for viruses and Trojans. I recommend using malware bites. It is a free application.
6.       The most important thing you can do is make a backup of the machine. The backup should be able to restore the entire machine not only the data. At some point this will be save you.

Remember it is not if but when, be proactive.

Keep that machine running and remember to go green when you can.
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