Business phone | VOIP

Eliminate headaches by hosting your entire phone system in our cloud. Hosted VoIP provides peace-of-mind

With a comprehensive feature set, our hosted service puts your phone system to work for you, freeing you up to focus on your business. Our hosted PBX systems provide:

•Voicemail with dellivery via phone and email

•Auto Attendant / Interactive Voice Response
•Direct Inward Dialing
•Advanced Call Routing
•Agent Call Queues & Ring Groups
•Music On Hold
•Conference Calling Bridge
•Call Parking
•Intercom / Paging
•Call Forwarding / Follow-Me
•Call Recording
•Time Based Call Flows
•Support for Multiple Locations

With delivery of voicemails via email and the ability to route calls to cell phones, as well as support for working from any location, your hosted PBX will offer the ultimate in flexiblity for the mobile user.  Best of all, no matter what happens at your business, your PBX will continue to answer calls from within our CAT5+ hurricane rated data center and highly redundant cloud infrastructure. This provides you peace of mind, knowing that your business will be in operation and you will be able to service your clients in any situation.