Cyber Security

Protecting your company from threats, intrusions, hackers and attackers against digital threats

With Managed Cybersecurity from Spider networks, we balance your business objectives and risks with what it costs to protect you against those risks. We use proven, standardized processes and monitor them constantly. Our goal is to keep hackers out, keep data in, and stop any intrusions fast before they can do damage.

Spider Networks works with you to choose the right security standards and apply those standards to your network, infrastructure, computers, devices, apps and data. Then we  can perform risk assessments to find any gaps, and review the results with you so we can decide together which issues to fix and which to insure. From there Spider Security takes over by monitoring, maintaining and reporting on everything

Do you think your company is less of a target because you have fewer than 100 employees? Not so! You could be even more of a target. Many hackers prefer to attack small to medium-sized companies because they’re typically not as well protected or trained and could be used to attack other computer systems.

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