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Servers are Business Critical systems and down time is not an option

All businesses have some dependency on phones, computers and electronic systems to function properly. Too many of us take those systems for granted until something happens to disable them and our business stops in its tracks.
What would you do if there was a fire, Flood, and or a complete system or building loss? Could your business survive without email, phones, and website?

Secure data backup and recovery is an essential IT function that is often ignored. Many organizations struggle with file backup and often will not discover how effective their current backup process is until they need it.  The loss of critical data can happen due to simple human error, a system failure or malware / ransomware.  Unsecured backup tapes or USB devices pose additional risk if lost or stolen, resulting in a reportable data breach.  Simply put, having a highly reliable and secure backup solution is a must for all organizations who want to protect and recover critical data.

Spider networks backup as a service

The Spider Business Data product allows business to have both local and off-site backups of servers and/or workstations in a simple and secure manner.

Local Storage appliance , data is compressed and encrypted before being copied onto the appliance. These backups permit both file level restore, as well as quickly recovering entire systems from ‘bare metal’.
Local backups can be scheduled daily, or more often based on client needs, to achieve near-continuous backup functionality.
The appliance is replicated to our off-site data center where its stored for disaster recovery purposes. Replication occurs daily for maximum efficiency. Protected systems can be designated for offsite replication or “local only” to keep costs low.

Backup logs are checked daily to ensure completion

Backup files are tested monthly as part of maintenance

Yearly servers are restored to a temporary location that is not live to ensure they can be completely recovered

When a storm or potential disaster approaches the business Spider networks goes into storm preparation and runs full a  backup  

Monthly reports are created for compliance

The cost to restore a single machine exceeds the new purchase price of the machine. By keeping a backup of the entire machine including the operating system significantly reduces its downtime and cost of returning it back to service

Servers are critical to operations and need to be returned back into service in a timely manner as not disrupt business operations

In the event of a complete loss to the business like a hurricane or a fire servers can be brought up in the cloud and used from anywhere


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